Expat Missionary Medical Coverage


  • Complete, affordable worldwide coverage designed for NGOs, missionaries and those involved in humanitarian work.
  • Annual plan for individuals and their families who intend to be outside their home country for at least 3 months each year.
  • Covers dependents and families (only the subscriber must be a member of an NGO or charitable organization).
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Health Plan

Worldwide health insurance and services for career missionaries and volunteers.

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Plan Highlights

  • Unlimited annual and lifetime medical maximum.
  • Immediate coverage of pre-existing conditions with proof of previous coverage.
  • Illnesses and injuries related to terrorism are covered.
  • Choice to see any healthcare provider outside of the U.S. and access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO network in the U.S.
  • Includes prescription coverage.
  • Optional dental and vision coverage.
  • Unlimited telemedicine services.
  • Medically necessary COVID-19 testing and treatment is covered.
  • Continuous coverage for spouse and dependents in the event of subscriber death. question mark
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International Health Insurance 101 - For Missionaries

As global lifestyles continue, the demand for comprehensive international health insurance has increased. In response to this demand, superior health plans are now available to serve expatriates and their families. This is a positive development for American expatriates who have historically had limited choices for coverage. Existing insurance options have often missed the mark because of limited benefits, long waiting periods, harsh exclusions, pre-certification penalties, lack of portability and other hidden "gotchas". read more