Understanding Healthcare in Your Host Country

Frank Gillingham, MD

Expatriates need working knowledge of the health insurance system and the hospitals in the host city and country, just as they have for their own home country and city. As a Physician in Germany explains:

"The health care system in the host country is absolutely mandatory to know in its basic organization."—Ophthalmologist, Munich, Germany.

Key Issues


Emergency Access

Pharmacy Basics

Eventually everyone on overseas assignment requires a headache remedy, decongestant or sunscreen, so basic knowledge about pharmacies is necessary.

Key Issues

A physician Brazil explained why this last point is so important:

"In a 'Farmácia' there are normally a handful of persons who...are totally unqualified to give you any health-related advice and who...feel absolutely free to suggest that you buy medicines different from those prescribed by your physician (because on some medicines they have a wider profit margin)."—General Surgeon, São Paulo.