Develop a Contingency Plan for Serious Illness

Frank Gillingham, MD

Under rare but critical circumstances of accident, injury or sudden illness, an expatriate may require evacuation to the United States or to a third country. To help ensure the best possible medical outcome, it's very important that expatriates plan for this possibility in advance. As one physician explained:

Expatriate families should have an evacuation plan and should share the plan with friends, family and colleagues both at home and in their host country. Key questions the plan should answer:

Experienced emergency assistance providers can be extremely helpful in arranging evacuations. Their extensive experience with air ambulance companies can help the expatriate with the following problems:

Generally expatriates who are enrolled in an assistance program can contact the assistance provider 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by collect or toll free call (avoid assistance programs that aren't available around-the-clock). Expatriates who are not enrolled in a group assistance program should consider joining an individual plan.