Eating Right on the Road

Frank Gillingham, MD

Business travel is often an exercise in self-control (think of Anthony Hopkins' character in "The Remains of the Day"). Business travelers get up early, go to bed late and work hard, while tolerating flight delays and surly taxi drivers.

So when do many business travelers relax? Often when they're eating, and that's the trouble. While traveling many of us increase our fat and sugar intake at the expense of fruits, vegetables and grains. And we often eat more than we want, thereby gaining weight or making it harder to shed those few extra pounds.

Part of the challenge comes from eating in restaurants all the time. Generally cooks are paid for serving good tasting food, but not necessarily for preparing stuff that your doctor would recommend. So to eat better on the road you have to learn to work a menu and a waiter the way you would work a client.

Here's my advice: